..welcome to friends!

True to the motto "Welcome to friends", the Eder family welcomes you
in the Hotel - Restaurant Burgblick in Thallichtenberg.
Since 1999 Daniela and Jochen Eder have been running the Burgblick full of love and passion.
Daniela is the trained cook and Jochen is both the butcher and kitchen master
self-employed since 1995. In 2015 the opportunity arose to buy a house just 40m from the hotel.
And since then there is the house on the Sonnenhügel with the two newly furnished Pusteblume apartments
and four and three star daisies.
The two daughters of Eders - Charlotte and Franziska - are also at home in Thallichtenberg.
Both left their parents' hotel early to learn a trade.
Charlotte moved to Munich to train as an assistant in hotel and tourism management
and to get the high school diploma. She is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in tourism management in Munich.
Franziska the younger daughter trained as a pastry chef in Boppard on the Rhine.
She is currently working as a confectioner in the cake factory in Trier.
Both return regularly to their parents' business.

We the Eders and the Burgblickgeister look forward to welcoming and getting to know you soon.