Homeservice for rolls

We have been pampering our hotel / restaurant guests with rolls from Resch & Frisch in Austria since 2006.

Glutenfreie BackwarenWe also bake oven-fresh bread rolls for you at home on Sundays and public holidays if you order in advance.

We have the following rolls on offer for you:
Kaisersemmel                                           € 0.50
Poppy seed / sesame bread              € 0.60
Newborn                                                      € 0.60
(Wheat dough with corn, millet, malt, sunflower seeds, linseed)

Rye football                                                € 0.80
(Rye rolls in the shape of a soccer ball)

Multigrain rolls                                         € 0.80
(Grainy pleasure with sesame, linseed and sunflower seeds)

Just call and order at 06381-92770


Logo ReschUndFrischTrust is good, control is better. We attach great importance to 100% seamless quality control.
At Resch & Frisch, all individual production steps - from the seeds to the finished baked goods - are meticulously controlled.