1. Pillow bar in the Kuseler Musikantenland - West Palatinate Bergland!

Healthy sleep starts with the pillow!

Our pillow bar is at your disposal for a healthy and restful sleep.
Our standard pillows are filled with polyester beads - suitable for allergy sufferers.
You will find one additional pillow per person in your closet.



We have the following pillows to choose from in our pillow bar:
You can get this on request.

Hirsespelz und DinkelspelzNew for a healthy sleep!
Millet husk and spelled husk fillings

They adapt to the shape of the body in a unique way. They support without counter pressure and without collapsing. In addition, the always loose and airy fillings allow a lot of air exchange and create a pleasantly balanced sleeping environment.
More at www.speltex.de

Cherry stone pillow

Just like in grandma's time, the local cherry stones, slightly warmed, provide pain-relieving and soothing warmth.

Single sleeping pillow

When you travel to us alone - to cuddle and feel good.

Veins - pillows

This allows you to relax your legs.

Neck roll

A restful sleep is guaranteed with a neck roll. Because it supports the neck and enables the spine to be relieved. Because the neck roll mimics the natural shape of the neck vertebrae.

Water cushion

Super soft watercushion that adapts perfectly to your head and neck. The special thing about the pillow is the adjustable amount of water, which can then be optimally adjusted.

Fritz pillow

Half pillow, 40x80 cm

Half roll

For optimal pressure relief of the neck, shoulder and back muscles.