Cyclists ..... welcome to the Hotel Burgblick

In our hotel in the Palatinate Bergland - Kuseler Musikantenland, cyclists and motorcyclists are welcome guests.

Hotel Burgblick e bikeWe are a certified bed + bike hotel, which means that we are particularly well prepared for the specific wishes and requirements of bikers as our guests.

Thallichtenberg is the perfect starting point for fantastic bike or motorcycle tours. The Palatinate Bergland is known among bike and motorcycle enthusiasts for the varied landscape and the well-developed network of trails. For mountain bikers we recommend the Green Hell Freisen. The view over the vastness of the Musikantenland will make your tour remembered for a long time.

From Thallichtenberg you get to the Fritz-Wunderlich-Weg, which you can follow to Freisen. You cycle through nature to get to the Saar cycle path or you drive in the direction of Altenglan to get to the Glan-Blies-Weg. Alternatively, you can cycle along the draisine route to Lauterecken and turn onto the Lautertal-Weg.

Batteries must not be charged in the room !!!!

For the duration of your stay, we will be happy to provide you with one of our garages as a parking space to charge the batteries - of course free of charge!


Interesting facts about e-bikes


Have you ever wondered what the difference is?
Does it even exist and what do I have to pay attention to?
if I want to buy a pedelec or e-bike?


  • Pedelecs only offer motor assistance when the driver is pedaling. If the pedal assistance is provided up to 25 kilometers per hour, pedelecs are considered bicycles and do not require approval.
  • The S-Pedelec is the fast version of the Pedelec. The drive has a maximum of 500 watts and accelerates up to 45 km / h. This is why S-Pedelecs count as mopeds. An AM driving license is required. Driving on cycle paths is not permitted in and out of town. In addition, there are the following requirements that an S-Pedelec must bring: exterior mirrors, horn, reflectors, brake lights, insurance number and operating license.
  • E-bikes ride at the push of a button even without pedal assistance. This system requires authorization from six kilometers per hour. From a legal point of view, an e-bike is a light moped that can travel up to 20 km / h without pedaling.

In parlance, the word pedelec has not really caught on. Most people generally speak of the e-bike as a classic electric bike. We at the TIP-TOP Hotels also use the word e-bike as a synonym for the classic electric bike, the pedelec.

What are the advantages of buying an e-bike?

Effort is the magic word, because for the rider of an e-bike this is less than for a normal bike, which makes the journey less strenuous and more relaxed. On top of that, the joints are also spared. You move around, but you don't overstrain yourself physically. With an e-bike, you can train more specifically because you can make various settings on the bike. E-bikes are also ideally suited for transporting purchases, for example. In addition, you are doing something good for the environment by leaving your car behind.

E-city bike, e-touring bike, e-mountain bike? Which bike concept suits me?

If you have decided to purchase an e-bike, the next question is which bike concept suits you. Do you mainly drive in the city and do no more than smaller excursions in the area? Then the e-city bike is right for you. Do you prefer tours on the river, driving on plains or long climbs in the surrounding area, on asphalt or natural slopes? An e-touring bike is recommended here. Or are you the type for crisp, short and steep descents in the high mountains, including natural slopes with lots of roots and loose ground? Then you are more of the eMTB type.

How far can I go with it?

In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here. It depends on your own constitution and daily form, route (surface conditions), the load, battery capacity, driving style, switching off the drive in the meantime, selected support modes, temperature and many other factors. The ADFC assumes that a battery charge at the highest level is usually sufficient for at least 30 to 50 km. For very long or mountainous stretches it is recommended to have a spare battery with you.

In which price segments are we operating?

In the meantime, basic models from 1,500 euros are already on the market for entry into the world of electric bikes, including even in supermarkets or online mail order. However, there is a lack of competent advice from a specialist dealer and the possibility of extensive test drives, which we strongly recommend.

For experienced e-bikers, investing in a mid-range bike from 2,500 euros makes sense. From 3,500 euros you get into the upper class. Here the design and the equipment are tailor-made. As is so often the case, there are no upper limits to the price.